The Thompson Group


"At The Thompson Group, we dedicate ourselves 110% to our customers.  Keeping regular contact with them is our main priority."  DAKOTA CRABTREE / CUSTOMER CONTACT SPECIALIST


A Tale of Two Agents

Someday is Today!

Jenny Dils Durr and Anson Ross Thompson started working together in 2001. In 2012 they blended their offices to become one agency force and from that day forward the skies opened up.

As business partners, they recognized that each brought unique skills and talents to the sales/agency process. Jenny is a tenacious competitor who loves the sales process and is passionate about the insurance business. Anson is a high energy, big picture, artistic marketer/sales trainer with lots of greater than life ideas and aspirations. Both find managing clients' business risks interesting and challenging by pushing each other to strive to the next level. Together they are the perfect blend of skill and talent.

So what makes us different than most other agency owners?  We practice what we preach and we care about our culture.

We have never asked our team to do anything that we haven’t done or are willing to do. We reinvest in the future of TTG by hiring the next generation of smart young leaders so that TTG will remain strong for many years to come. In addition, we strongly believe in the “Good to Great” concepts as outlined in Jim Collins' book of the same name. We know that if we select the right individuals for the right jobs and give them the opportunity to make decisions and excel, we are creating a platform for long term profitable success. Having systems in place with quality control checks makes us superior to most of our competitors. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of our education. We encourage our team to earn their higher education through national insurance designations and reward them as they pass their exams. As a result we have developed a culture of fun, smart, successful individuals.

“A great company has the right people acting as a strong team of equal partners, searching together for the right answers.” Jim Collins – Good to Great

We love our agency. Anyone who knows us knows that we have a genuine passion for risk management. Thank you Jerry Dils and Wayne Thompson for inspiring us to join this thought provoking, fascinating business. We are your legacy.