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"I've been with Ronn Shumaker and The Thompson Group for five years.  Ronn has always handled my concerns as if they were his own..."  JASON GREESON / FAB 2 ORDER


Are You Naked?

People, businesses, and non-profit groups reside in a busy, busy world. Because of this limited time, they sometimes make insurance buying decisions that could leave them naked. Naked meaning, they have no coverage for events that could cause them harm, or cause them to lose all their acquired wealth.

To solve this issue, The Thompson Group has created an audit process. We ask a few questions, review your current coverage to your needs and provide a grade for that coverage. If your current program is an A or B, we give you a few tips to make your program more in line with your needs. If you score a C, D, or F, we offer some suggestions as to why it might make sense to change providers.

In March 2013, The Thompson Group's COO, Anson Ross Thompson, released his first book, "Marketing with Naked 70 Year Olds."  Click here to purchase your copy today! 

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