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Who is your agent?

Think about it. Everyday, people buy insurance from lizards, ducks and cavemen. Are they looking out for your interests?

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Mission Statement

It’s more than our Mission Statement. It’s what we do, and how we run our business. See for yourself.

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Point of Difference

We know your name, a real person still answers the phone and we still love to regularly visit your home or business to talk face-to-face.

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Are You Naked?

Many times, people buy insurance on price alone. This can often leave “gaps” in coverage. Are you covered by The Thompson Group?

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"As a dentist I'm a target for litigation, and this audit process helped my family protect what I've spent years building.  Thanks, Thompson Group!"  DR. KEN PALLADINO / PALLADINO AND ROSSI, DDS


How we insure your BUILDING

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